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Student Designers at College for Creative Studies Partner with Visteon, Osram on Future Vehicle Lighting

LIGHTimes News Staff

December 30, 2011…The College for Creative Study, (CCS), Visteon, and Osram, in their collaboration during the 2011/2012 academic year. As part of CCS’s ongoing Corporate Sponsorship program, 18 CCS Transportation Design Seniors researched areas of development of new exterior automotive lighting and styling concepts. Osram notes that these projects have taken on an added dimension because of the opportunities presented by Osram’s LEDs technology and Visteon application knowledge.

“We often partner with automotive companies but we are equally excited when we partner with automotive suppliers. It is important that our students understand all the elements that must be taken into account when creating outstanding designs,” said Chairman of the Transportation Design Department Mark West. "We are training students in a new area of design development and new LED lighting technology for global vehicles."

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