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No ordinary rain shower: Art installation made from burnt-out bulbs

From afar, this glowing cloud appears to rain on its observers. But if you look a little closer, you'll see an astonishing 6,000 light bulbs — some new, some used, some lit, others burnt out. This interactive sculpture invites viewers of all ages to delight in the childish fun of turning the bulbs on and off by pulling the strings that hang like raindrops below the cloud.
Canadian artists Wayne Garrett and Caitlind R.C. Brown created CLOUD by surrounding a hand-bent steel frame with thousands incandescent light bulbs that are all lit from within by 250 compact fluorescent bulbs. Several editions of this installation have appeared all around the world, from Nuit Blanche Calgary in Canada to the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Russia to the GLOW Forum of Light & Architecture in the Netherlands. CLOUD is currently at the I Light Marina Bay festival of light in Singapore (pictured above).
"As part of the process of creating the sculpture, the artists collected burnt out incandescent light bulbs from the surrounding community, forging an informal relationship with non-artists, reducing costs, and asking audiences to reconsider household items in an alternative context," CLOUD's website reads.
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