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Luminus Single-Chip LED Can Replace 300W Xenon and 175W Metal Halide Lamps

LIGHTimes News Staff

December 15, 2011…Luminus Devices, Inc. of Billerica, Massachusetts USA, a maker of Big Chip LEDs(TM), has announced that its next generation CBT-90 white LED provides the equivalent system-level light output as formerly used 300W Xenon and 175W metal halide lamps within specialty lighting applications, including medical and entertainment lighting. The CBT-90, consists of 3mm x 3mm chip mounted on a metal core PCB. Luminus says that the lamp is now 25% brighter and capable of producing more than 2,200 lumens at its top end input current.

Luminus says that in entertainment lighting, spot and wash fixtures are being converted from specialty high intensity discharge lamps such as 175W metal halide to the CBT-90.

"The new CBT-90 performance has never been achieved before by an LED," said Chuck DeMilo, Global Director of Product Marketing for the Lighting Business Group at Luminus Devices.

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