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LED bulb casts a multicolored shadow

Dutch designer Dennis Parren has developed an LED bulb that casts shadows in cyan, magenta, and yellow.

We all know that white light is created when different color wavelengths combine. So what happens when you use that phenomenon to create a lightbulb?

That's exactly what Dutch designer Dennis Parren did when he developed his CMYK bulb. Well, sort of. Expanded from his original CMYK Lamp 2011 graduation project for Design Academy Eindhoven, the bulb consists of a white LED light source pointing downward. Then placed equidistantly around the bulb, the cyan, magenta and yellow LEDs face up.

This has the rather fun and fascinating effect of casting a triple shadow from whatever comes in front of the LEDs — one in each of the three colors.

"It's the first lightbulb that creates colored shadows, which also can be very wonderful with existing shades," Parren said on his Web site. But the designer has also created a shade of his own to go with the bulb. Called "Diamond," the polypropylene is folded into the faceted shape of a cut stone, with tiny holes that allow the light to escape and sparkle in the different colors.

"I chose this shape because the light sparkles through the little holes like a real diamond," Parren said. "The cheapest diamond ever made."

The E27 screw-in CMYK bulb is available for 95 euros ($118), or the bulb and Diamond shade for 160 euros ($210), both from Parren's Web site.

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