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How to Manage Migraines in Fluorescent Lighting

Migraines can be painful and debilitating when they occur. There are many types of stimuli that trigger migraines, including foods, noises, lighting, sounds and health conditions. With proper care and medication, migraines can be managed, if not altogether avoided. However, if you have a sensitivity to something in your workplace, such as fluorescent lighting, you should exercise precautions to avoid migraine headaches. Here are some ways to learn how to manage migraines in fluorescent lighting.

Put a filter in front of the bulbs in your overhead fluorescent lights. A filter will reduce the harshness of the lighting and will help you avoid reactions from the lighting. Filters create softer, more natural light.

  1. Take some bulbs out of the fixture. This reduces the intensity of the lighting in your workspace. Because intense light is sometimes a trigger for migraine headaches, this may help to alleviate your issues.


  2. 3

    Turn off the fluorescent lights. If possible, turn the lights off in your work area. If you work in a large area with cubicles, this option may not be possible. However, if you work in your own office, this may relieve your headaches. Use floor or desk lamps to light your office with softer, less intense light.

  3. 4

    Install an anti-glare filter on your computer monitor. While you may have already adjusted the settings on your monitor to reduce glare and intensity when you look at it, it still reflects the glare of the fluorescent lighting. Put a filter on it to reduce the glare from other lighting sources.

  4. 5

    Start medication when the first symptom of a migraine occurs. Even though your migraine may be stimulated by the fluorescent lighting in your office, medication may reduce your pain and suffering. Take the medicine before your migraine progresses in severity.

  5. 6

    Telecommute on days that you are experiencing migraine symptoms. By simply avoiding the glare and flicker of the fluorescent lights, you may alleviate your headache symptoms and reduce the likelihood of it developing into a full-blown migraine.

  6. 7

    Take breaks often, if allowed by your supervisor. Leave the environment that triggers your migraines to give your body a chance to reset itself. Go outside, sit somewhere dark or just avoid the fluorescent lighting.

  7. 8

    Replace the fixture if the fluorescent bulbs appear to be flickering. Contact an electrician and request that he replace the old ballast with a new one.

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