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GE’s LineFit Light LEDs Allow Fast, Simple Retrofit of Fluorescent Cabinet Signs, Transform Visual Appeal with Up to 76 Percent Energy Savings

GE’s LineFit Light LEDs Allow Fast, Simple Retrofit of Fluorescent Cabinet Signs, Transform Visual Appeal with Up to 76 Percent Energy Savings - As a key visual touchpoint for consumers, bright and evenly illuminated outdoor signage is crucial to the brand image of countless businesses and stores -


GE continues to provide business owners and sign makers alike with the reliable, easy-to-install and energy-saving sign lighting they desire with its latest innovation, GE’s LineFit Light LED Lighting System.

The new GE LineFit Light LED system is designed as a simple replacement for upgrading fluorescent cabinet and box sign lighting with energy-efficient LED technology providing 58 to 76 percent energy savings compared with T12HO fluorescents. Available in 11 sizes and three color temperatures, the LineFit Light LED offers versatility for a multitude of double-sided signage sizes and styles to improve overall visual aesthetics with bright, uniform light that is virtually maintenance-free.

“LED lighting offers several benefits and improvements for outdoor signage lighting compared with standard fluorescents. From significant energy cost reductions and easier jobsite installation, to less frequent maintenance and more consistent brightness, as well as uniformity and cold weather performance across your signs, LED stands as the ultimate choice,” said Mark Shepard, global product manager for GE Lighting. “GE’s new LineFit LED system offers all these benefits and more with the potential to save money not just in operation, but on the installation as well.”

Utilizing existing fluorescent sockets (R17d) for a quick and easy four-step installation, the GE LineFit Light LEDs can be up-and-running in just minutes per fixture, immediately slashing installation labor time and costs. LineFit Light’s specialized rotating end caps also ensure proper alignment and ultimate light output directed toward the sign face.

And, GE’s patented OptiLens™ optical lens technology ensures that light is used efficiently, while also helping to protect each LED against moisture, humidity, damage and corrosion. Unlike fluorescent options that emit light in a 360° pattern, each LED module is optimized to capture otherwise wasted light and redirect it where it is needed toward the illuminated surface of the sign. OptiLens also eliminates striping and shadows on the sign face that can occur with fluorescent tubes.

Additionally, with a life rating of 50,000 hours, the new LineFit Light LED lighting system helps to eliminate frequent bulb changes associated with fluorescent tubes, further cutting down on maintenance time and costs.

To determine the type and quantity of LED sign lighting products that are ideal for your company’s specific needs, check out the interactive Tetra® Signage Design Tool.

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