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Aixtron Expects Further Growth with Help of Increased LED Demand

LIGHTimes News Staff

March 3, 2011…Aixtron, a maker of metal organic chemical vapor deposition systems, for the third year in a row, posted record operational results. Aixtron delivered EUR 783.8m of revenues and a 35% EBIT margin. Guidance for 2011 has been set at EUR 800-900m in revenues with an EBIT margin of circa 35%. Aixtron says it entered the year with a very solid opening order backlog of EUR 302.3m (revalued from EUR 274.8m at USD 1.35/EUR as of January 1, 2011), all shippable in 2011.

The company posted a staggering 159 percent improvement over 2009 during fiscal 2010. The company’s gross profit increased by 206% to EUR 411.8m in 2010, or more than tripling the 2009 statistic of EUR 134.7m.

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