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Fluorescent T5 Conversion Retrofit Kit 4

The good news for these customers is that Superior Lighting is now carrying a T5 retrofit kit for T8 and T12 light bulbs that is virtually “plug n play”. This new kit uses a reflected T5 light bulb and slim ballast that can be plugged into an existing T12 or T8 Light Bulb fixture without the need for complex rewiring. T5 light bulbs are the most efficient and long lasting of the fluorescent tubes and at 28 watts emit the same amount of light as a 40 watt T12 light bulb.

The old ballast is removed and the new kit is installed just like a regular light bulb with the ballast already wired into the kit. The kit also includes a reflector to emit the most amount of light and allow for the de-lamping of fixtures. We have found a 4 light T12 fixtures can now be replaced with just 2 of these T5 retrofit kits. Light output is maintained while system wattage is reduced from approximately 184 watts to 56 watts. Please click our energy savings calculator to see how the savings add up to $56 a year and the simple payback can be reduced to only 12 months!

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