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Fluorescent T5 Conversion Retrofit Kit 2


The economic advantages of switching from T12 Lamp systems to T8 Lamps or T5 Lamp Systems have long been touted by the EPA, Energy Star and every lighting manufacturer on the planet. I will not review these figures in detail but generally one can expect energy savings of as much as 48% with 2-yr to 3-yr simple paybacks, longer lamp life and reduced maintenance costs. Further benefits are now available if the lighting upgrades qualify for the federal tax incentives available through the Commercial Building Tax Deduction (CBTD) established by the Energy Policy Act of 2005. In addition, some states offer incentive programs and, in many areas of the nation, utility incentive programs are also available.


However, amazingly enough industry sales data reveal that the less-efficient T12s still account for three out of every 10 4-ft fluorescent lamps sold in the United States! At Superior Lighting we have also found that many of our smaller customers are reluctant to make the switch to more efficient systems. The most common explanation given besides the upfront cost is the time, cost and headache associated with hiring an electrician to do the retrofit work.


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